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Dye over ice, scrunched on a 100% cotton tee.

Displaying Dye over ice, scrunched on a 100% cotton tee.

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Tide Pool

Fiber reactive dye blend formulated for ice dying and other techniques that emphasize splits. Tends to work best on cellulose fibers (requires sodium carbonate, a.k.a soda ash and water in some form to fix the color to the fabric) at a temperature range of 70 - 150 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 - 80 degrees Celsius. Ideal batch time will depend on ambient temperature and technique. Tie dye using liquid dye at an ambient temperature of 72 degrees generally requires 24-48 hours. Ice dye and snow dye tends to require extra time to allow the fabric to warm up to the ambient temperature. Hot water irrigation, low water irrigation, and other techniques that utilize very hot water tend to need very little batch time. These are just general guidelines, feel free to experiment and do what works for you. Always wear personal protective equipment (at minimum an N95 mask) while handling dry dye powder.

All swatches are examples of potential results. There may be variation due to monitor/computer settings, and there may be extremely minor differences between batches. I will never change a formula without saying anything, but I have zero control over minor variation in component colors I receive from suppliers. This is generally not an issue, but I wanted to mention it just in case. Ice dye is inherently unpredictable, and many things can impact the final result. Some things are easier to pinpoint such as different types of fabric and different dye amounts, and some things are more subtle like fabric thickness, fabric weave, ambient temperature and humidity, water hardness, and more. Please do a test with your particular variables and use that as a starting point.

Your result may not be what you expected at first, and if that's the case I encourage you to experiment! I like to look at the process of working with a new to me dye like the process of making a new friend. Regardless of whether you click right away you still have to learn the specific likes, dislikes, quirks, and personality of your new friend before you're both on the same page. 


Shipped in durable plastic bags.

Shipped in re-usable plastic jars.

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